Abhishek Anand


In conversation with Mr. Pradeep Upadhyaya, a businessman from Ward 25N, Rohini B. He categorically pointed out the unplanned allocation of funds as the root cause of corruption in MCD. What is more, he termed the women representation more an eyewash than a game-changer as all the women candidates are remote-controlled by their husbands or male family members during elections and post-result. 
This is a very serious issue primarily because unlike the rural women candidates in Panchayat elections, the Urban women candidates are more educated and have better exposure. The moot question here is how much effective education could be in ensuring an efficient leadership. In short, it can be summarized that this popular practice negates the basic objective of empowerment of women through women reservation. Some may observe that even participation of women in the electoral practices has important step in empowering their agency. 

 Abhishek Anand, Phd Scholar, SIS, JNU

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