Sanjeev Kumar

Abhishek Anand

& Raushan Kumar Sharma

We embarked on our journey to the heart of Poorvanchal politics, Gorakhpur by boarding the Gorakhdham Express at New Delhi station. As the train was running behind schedule, we boarded at 12:30 night and slept. Since the train got further delayed, so the next morning we started to chat in an informal note with the fellow passengers who happened to be the natives of Gorakhpur district. Within no time the people started voicing their ideas about elections and democracy in a free-flow manner. Indeed, for a person familiar with this part of Hindi heartland, it might be a surprising thing but for those who are acquainted with this region, politics is an integral part of the people’s DNA. Perhaps, Amartya Sen would have had the Poorvanchalis in his mind while writing one of his classics “The Argumentative Indian.”

We asked; why do you vote? In response, they said, it is their right and they must exercise it. Meanwhile, Mrs. Shukla’s husband Sharad Shukla of Mahadih village, who was helping her in preparing their baby’s milk, too joined the discussion by proudly informing us that his wife is a Post-Graduate in Hindi and is an aware citizen. He also informed us that the other lady, Mrs. Mishra (his sister) is not a voter here and is actually based in Delhi. By this time, some other passengers had also joined us. Then, we asked Mr. Shukla about his opinion on democracy and importance of voting. He responded by saying that it is important to vote for development and criminals should have no place in a democracy. However, several other people including the ladies also voiced their opinion simultaneously. Their common argument was that democracy stands for the betterment of basic amenities and development that could be ensured by exercising their voting rights.

Now, we asked them about the main election issues in their respective constituencies. To which, they said, development and law and order problem are the main issues. Most of the people were critical of hooliganism under the SP regime and compared this with a better law and order situation during Mayawati’s regime. Our next question was related to demonetisation. To which, Zaheer Ahmed of Sant Kabir Nagar district said, it is good in the sense of checking the flow of black money, however, its execution was hap hazardous and resulted in hardship for the common masses. He also lamented the fact that people didn’t get any amount (referring to PM Modi’s promise of depositing Rs. 15 lakh in everyone’s account) from the government. However, the Shuklas appreciated demonetisation and termed the hardships as a temporary problem. To substantiate his point, Mr. Shukla cited the sacrifices made by the soldiers serving the borders. Further, we inquired the ladies about the destruction of the piggybank savings being maintained by several housewives to take care of emergency expenses. In response, they agreed that it has definitely caused suffering for many but at the same time, they asserted that women are smart enough to explore new contingency plan. Still, the others were not ready to buy the arguments favouring demonetisation.

Of them, one Mr. Ramhazoor Mishra (the Pradhan of Ganeshpur panchayat, Gorakhpur district) who was a seasoned politician himself and a transporter by profession was very vocal. Mr. Mishra while accepting the need to curb the menace of black money opined that demonetisation can be termed good only if its intended benefits are visible. But despite the central government’s claim, the ground reality is quite different. Further, on the issue of criminalisation of politics, he said that there is a long history of criminals in the Poorvanchal region and the musclemen held much sway here. He also argued that more or less every party has the criminal elements.

Having briefly discussed the gist of our conversation, the conversation on the wheel has been recreated here to provide the real feel to the readers. The main protagonists are Pradhanji (Mr. Ramhajoor Mishra, Pradhan of Ganeshpur Panchayat, Khajni reserved constituency, Gorakhpur district), Mr. Sharad Shukla, Mrs. Anjana Shukla (the residents of Mahadih village, Gorakhpur district), Mrs. Mishra (Mr. Shukla’s sister), Mr. Dwivedi (a post-graduate from Lucknow University), and the members of IESAI team (Sanjeev, Abhishek and Raushan).

What issues work to turn the Voting Behavior?

Pradhanji: People are dissatisfied with the sitting BJP MLA (Khajani Constituency, Goraklhpur) Sant Prasad because after getting elected he never visited people to inquire about their conditions or problems. Elaborating further, he said that “Chalo Modi ji achchhe hain, wo koi baat nahi, lekin 5 sal tak to hame Modi ji se to milna nahi hai, hame to apane vidhayak se kam hota hai. Lekin us (Sant Prasad) ki halat ye hai ki wo jab kisi se milta hai tab paper apne muh ke upar rakh kar dhak leta hai taki kahi kisi ko namaste na karna pade. Isliye humlog aur puri janata chah rahe hai ki wo haare.” (Fine, Modiji is good, that’s not an issue, but we have to approach our MLA during the term of five years to get our work done and not Modiji. But he (Sant Prasad) is so indifferent towards the people that whenever he encounter people approaching him while traveling through raod, he hides his face with a newspaper so that he would not have to even greet the person. Therefore, we and the entire people want his defeat.)

Abhishek: Aap unko harte dekhna chahte hain ya BJP ko harte dekhna chahte hai? (Who do you want to be defeated- he or the BJP?)

Pradhanji: Nahi, hum ye chahte hain ki wo hare, BJP se koi matlab nahi hai. Uske harne se party ka to nuksan hai hi. Isase ye hoga ki party fir aise nakare logo ko ticket nahi degi. (No, we want his defeat; we have nothing to do with the BJP. His defeat will cause damage to the party for sure. But the party will also learn a lesson not to give ticket to such irresponsible candidate.)

Raushan: Aajkal ye nara lag raha hai ki ‘Sant Prasad to Majburi hai, Modi zaruri hai’. Is par apka kya kahna hai? (Now a days, this slogan “Sant Prasad is a compulsion, Modi is a must” is being shouted. What do you have to say on this?)

Pradhanji: Haan ye….. ye to hum maan rahe hain.. lekin jana to hame Sant Prasad ke pas na hai, aa Sant Prasad na to kisi se milenge, aur na hi kuch sunenge… (Yes, we accept this…but we have to approach Sant Prasad and Sant Prasad will neither meet anyone nor listen anything.)

Sanjeev: Is bar Khajani ke kya-kya local Mudde hain? (What are the local issues in Khajani this time?)

Pradhanji: Mudda… Mudda to kauno haiye nahi hai chunav ka. Satya to ye hai ki road, bijali, pani, hospital ka mudda to koi haiye nahi hai kisi party ka. Sirf Mudda vihin rajniti chal rahi hai is bar. Ye aise hain, vo aise hain, ye aisa hai yahi chalt hai…. Aisa nahi hai ki SP ne kam nahi kiya hai… bahut kiya hai…usase achha aaj Chhotu hai Rajkumar hai…. Ab hum aap jaise log karne wale na ho to kya…..ab hamare yahan block pramukh ka chunav hua…. (Issue…there is no issue in the election. The reality is that road, electricity, water, hospital are not the issues for any party. Only issueless politics is being practiced. Blame game has become the order of the day. It’s not that SP has not done the work. It has done a lot…Chhotu (alias Vidyasagar, the candidate of Nishad Party-Peace Party Alliance) and Rajkumar (the BSP candidate) are better than him…But if people like us will not support such candidates, then the politics will remain stagnant….For instance, there was an election of Block President in our place…)

Mr. Shukla: Sab gundai se hua… (There was brazen hooliganism…)

Pradhanji: Han sab Gundai se hua…ab dekhiye, jo Zila panchayat ka chunav me jiske sath ek ne support kiya aur sath raha… wahi jitane ke baad, jo us waqt BSP me the aaj SP se Gorakhpur se lad rahe hain aur jisne unka sath diya jila panchayat ke chunav ke samay aaj case jhel rahe hain. (Yes, Hooliganism did prevail…see, the candidate who was supported by other in Zila Panchayat election… after winning the election switched from BSP to SP and is today contesting election from Gorakhpur on a SP ticket and the person who supported him during the Zila Panchayat election is facing charges.)

Mr. Shukla: Wahi admi jo BSP ke sath tha aaj SP se chunav lad raha hai aur jis vyakti ne support kiya BSP ki taraf se wo rah gaye. (The person who was with BSP is now contesting election on a SP ticket and the one who supported him remains with the BSP.)

Pradhanji: Ab ye bataiye us admi ke pas kya mudda hai… koi mudda hi nahi hai. Wo sirf jatiya mudde ke naam par SP me chala gaya. To jati hi sabse mahatvapurna hai…..hamari umr 50-55 ho gai hai aur 30 sal se rajniti dekh rahe hain….ab aaj yahi sthiti hai ki kaun jitega koi nahi kah sakta. (Now, you tell me what issue that person has…. he has no issue. He switched to the SP on the caste line only. It means that caste is the most significant factor…my age is around 50-55 and I’m in politics for 30 years…but today the situation is so complex that nobody can predict who will win.)

Abhishek: Iska matlab hai ki candidate ke karan BJP ko nuksan ho raha hai…? (It means that BJP is at loss because of her candidate….?)

Pradhanji: Han… agar candidate badle hote to aaj bhi Khajni se BJP ki hi jeet hoti. (Yes, had they changed the candidate, then, BJP would have won from Khajni this time as well.)

Abhishek: To kya aaplog ya local leader suggestion nahi diye party ko…? (So, you or local leader didn’t give suggestion to the party…?)

Pradhanji: are kya sujhav. Jab high Kaman kah rahe hain ki kisi sitting MLA ko nahi hataya jayega tab kya suggestion. …koi suggestion ka matlab hi nahi…. Upar se farman jari ho gaya ki kisi sitting MLA ka ticket nahi katenge… aapne hamari nahi suni to aapki kaun sunega. (Oh! What suggestion? When the high command has declared that no sitting MLA will be dropped, then what’s the use of suggestion…it’s meaningless… The top leadership has dictated that no sitting MLA will be dropped…When you’re not ready to listen to us (the people), then who will vote for you.)

Sanjeev: To kya apko lagta hai ki SP aur BSP me local leader ki suni jati hai? (So, do you think that the opinions of local leaders are being heard in SP and BSP?)

Pradhanji: Bilkul suni jati hai….SP wale to khub sunte hain. (Of course….the SP leadership is very much receptive in this regard.)

Abhishek: To kya Party High command culture sirf BJP me hai? (Then, does the culture of Party high command exist only in BJP?)

Pradhanji: Han bilkul ye sirf BJP me hai… ab dekhiye waise hi agar purv Sadar adhyaksh Chhootu ko agar BJP ticket de deti to BJP ko koi nahi hara sakta tha…. Baki to baate chalti rahti hai. (Yes, indeed. This problem exists in BJP only. See, had the BJP allotted ticket to the former Sadar President Chhotu, nobody could have defeated the BJP…. Rest, the political gossip goes on.)

Sanjeev: Chaliye, aapko to rajniti ka ek lamba anubhav raha hai, to aap to ye baate samjhate hai… lekin kya lagta hai ki sabhi log aisa samajhte hain. Kya lagta hai ki log samajh karke vote karte hain? (Ok, you have a long experience of politics, so, you understand these issues…but do you think everybody understands this. Do you think that people vote considering all these issues?)

Pradhanji: Sab log Samjhate hain… lekin apane-apane jati ke hisab se vote kar dete hain. Hamare samajh se kewal 20-25% log samajh kar vote karate hain, baki sab aise hi jati ke adhar par karte hain… koi vikas ka mudda nahi hai. Khaskar vidha Sabha chunav me… lok Sabha me thodi bat badal jati hai.. (Everyone understands these things…but they vote according to their caste line. In my opinion, only 20-25 percent people vote wisely, rest of them vote along the caste line…Development is not an issue, especially in the Vidhan Sabha election…in the Lok Sabha elections things are little better..)

Abhishek: Achha, mai ek buniyadi sawal par aata hu.. ki inke puchhne ka matlab hai ki log vote karte hai…. Aap kyun vote karte hain? (Fine, I come to a fundamental question…his (Sanjeev’s) question is about factors influencing the people’s voting…Why do you vote?)

Pradhanji: Vote karte hain log bus yun ki karna hai…. Koi Badlaw ki bhawna ya lahar to hai nahi. Sab log bus yun hi vote karte hain apne-apne pratyashi ko ki inse hum jude hai… hum unase jude hain. Bus yahi hai. Koi mudde par nahi karte vote ki Akhilesh ne achha kam kiya hai to unko vote dena hai. Aisa kuch nahi hai… bus Yadav hain to Yadav vote udhar hi jayega. Ya Mayawati ne apane karyakal me achha kam kiya ya Modi ji ne achha kam kiya isliye vote kar de… aisa kuch nahi hai….Han thik hai kendriya star pe kuch bhi ho… lekin jamini star par Modi ji ka koi kam to dikha nahi…. Ham Delhi se aarahe hain Kanpur se News paper liye… to usme padha ki Gas ka dam 80 rupya bad gaya… lo ye to kam ho gaya… vikas ho gaya.…Apne to cylinder de diya sab ko…lekin 700….han thik hai ki aap subsidy denge.. wo to bad me denge… lekin ek garib ke pas Rs. 700 hoga tab na Gas Bharwayega. Subsidy to bad ki baat hai… Abhi Gaun me jitana bhi cylinder ye diye hain… aap pata kijiye aaj 50% bhi log gas bharane ki sthiti me nahi hain. .. (People vote as if it’s a routine… any wish of change is not the motive, nor there is any wave. All the people vote for their candidates based on their emotional attachment to them. This is the reality. Nobody votes keeping in mind the issues. That Akhilesh has done good work, so we will vote for him. This is not the case… being a Yadav, Yadav votes will be transferred to SP. Or, Mayawati did good work during her tenure…or Modiji has done good work, therefore, we will vote…The voter doesn’t follow this pattern….Whatever the claim at the central level may be…..but the ground reality is different. I’m coming from Delhi, have purchased a newspaper in Kanpur….read the news that the gas cylinder price is hiked by Rs. 80… so, this is the work….development…you gave cylinders to everyone…but 700… fine, you’ll give subsidy… you’ll give that later, right? But to get a cylinder refilled, a poor person must have Rs. 700. Subsidy comes at a later stage…Currently, whosoever was allotted cylinders in villages by them, you go and check for yourself….today even 50 percent people are not in a position to get them refilled.)

Does price inflation (such as LPG price hike) affect voting Behaviour?

Abhishek: Achchha, Ujjawal yojana ke tahat cylinder de diya gaya…aap mahilaon se hum ye puchna chahte hain ki isase aaplogo ko koi fayada hua kya? (Fine, Cylinders were allotted under the Ujjawala scheme…We would like to know from you ladies whether you got any benefit out of this or not?)

Mrs. Mishra: Pehle to sahi laga… gas ka dam ghat gaya.. lekin ab fir badha diye hain. Pata nahi subsidy kab denge. Pehle to e thik tha… fir to… fir…fir ab daam badh gaya to dikkat ho ja rahi hai. Chahe gas ka ho, chahe pani ka chahe tel ka..samsya ho rahi hai. (Initially, it appeared to be good…the gas price was reduced…but the price has been raised again…don’t know when shall they give the subsidy. Earlier, this was alright… when the price has inflated there is a lot of difficulty. Be it that of gas or water or kerosene oil…there are hardships now.)

Sanjeev: To kya isase koi…apke chunav dene ke nirnay par koi prabhav padega…? (So, will that affect your voting preference in the election?)

Mr. Shukla: Kya prabhav padega… koi prabhav nahi padega.. (What influence…There shall be no influence.)

Mrs. Mishra: kya prabhav padhega… sab ka wahi hal hai….ab dekhiye ki kejriwal aya to pahle to pani thik tha, bijli thik tha… ab fir Bijli ki itani samasya hai ki kya bataye… (What influence shall be there? All are the same...Now see, when Kejriwal came, then water supply was good…electricity was good…now again, there are several electricity-related issues.)

Sanjeev: Achha ye bataiye ki bijli ke dam badhne se, pani ya gas ke dam badhane se apke chunav me vote ke nirnaya par prabhav nahi padata hai? (Please tell us that wouldn’t the increase in the prices of the electricity or water or gas influence your decision of whom to vote?)

Mr. Shukla: Ab kya bole… abhi to hum samjhe hi nahi hai… ab kisko dena hai ya kisko nahi dena hai… ab aage dekhenge ki kisko dena hai.(What should I say…Till now I have not understood wholly…Now shall think…Whom to vote and whom not to…Will see now whom to vote.)

Sanjeev: Achha ye batiaye ki kya koi aisa party hai jo koi kam kare jise vote dene ka man ho usake kam ke adhar par? (Please tell whether there is any such party to whom you want to vote for on the basis of the work done by it?)

Pradhanji: Aisa koi patiye nahi hai… (There is no such party...)

Mr. Shukla: Han aisa koi partiye nahi hai jisko vote dene ka man kare.….. (Yes, there is no such party which we want to vote for…)

Why does Voter choose a Party?

Pradhanji: Achha dekhiye, aisa koi party hi nahi jo sahi ho. Kisi ka koi mudda nahi hai. Accha ab SP party par aiye….Aaj block pramukh ke chunav me gunda gardi hui, jila panchyat ke chunav me gunda gardi hui.. to kya iska matlab thode na hai ki SP ko vote nahi Padega…. SP ko bhi vote milega. Pradesh star par ye news gai hogi ki kisi ko mara ja raha hai … kisi ko pita ja raha hai… kya iska matlab ye ki SP ko vote nahi mielga… Bilkul milega SP ko vote. Gas ka dam badh gaya iska matlab thode na hai ki BJP ko vote nahi milega… usko bhi milega…. (See, there is no such party that is right. No party is bothered of issues. For example, let’s talk about Samajwadi Party, there was hooliganism in the elections for the Block Head and Zila Panchayat…so, does that mean SP shall not be cast votes…SP too shall get votes… At the State level, there must have been the reporting of a person getting killed…someone getting beaten up…does that mean that SP should not be voted for?...SP shall definitely get the vote… The gas price has been hiked, it doesn’t mean that BJP shall not get the votes… it shall also get the votes.)

Abhishek: 3 Mahine se ye jo chal raha tha SP me vo kya tha? (What was going on in SP since the last three months?)

Pradhanji: Wo sab Natak tha…. (That was all a drama…)

Mrs. Shukla: Wo sab Natak hai… wo hamesha kahte the ki gunda gardi hatayenge… gundagardi kabhi hati nahi….(That was all a gimmick…they always said that they would eradicate hooliganism…but hooliganism was never removed.)

Mr. Dwivedi: Ye sab natak tha…. Family drama tha… sab mile huye the.. sirf popularity ke liye tha ye sab. Charcha me bane rahne ke liye tha ye sab. (That was a drama…a family drama…all were involved…that was all for gaining popularity…to stay in the limelight.)

(Note: Everyone started speaking… as how all these developments in SP were nothing but stunt for popularity.)

Pradhanji: Satya yahi hai.. ki in sab me Mayawati sabse achi hai… unke samay me law and order thik rahta hai (The fact is that amongst all of them Mayawati is the best…Law and order was good in her regime.)

Mrs. Shukla: hah..han.. mayawati ke time sab thik tha… kam se kam gundagardi to nahi thi. (Yes… Yes... Under Mayawati’s regime all was good… at least there was no hooliganism.)

Mr. Shukla: Jamin Kabja aur GundaGardi… Akhilesh ke samay me khali Jamin Kabja aur Gunda gardi… (Land grabbing and hooliganism… During Akhilesh tenure, land grabbing and criminal activities were very common.)

Pradhanji: Sab kahte hain ki Mayawati Murti kahte hain ki hum satta me aate sab hanthi tudva denge…(All say that Mayawati gets the idols made… they claim that when they come in power they shall break and remove all these idols.)

Mrs. Shukla: Kam se kam Gunda Gardi to nahi thi inke rajya me… (At least, there was no hooliganism in her regime.)

Pradhanji: Is mamle me Mayawati… (On this issue Mayawati..)

Mrs. Shukla: Bahut achchhi thi… (Was too good…)

Raushan: Aap SP aur BSP ke kam ko achha kah rahe hai… lekin vote denge Modi ko… isme mansa-vacha-karmana se aapke baat me virodhabhas nahi hai? (You say that SP and BSP are good…but shall vote for Modi…Don’t you think there is a contradiction between what you think, what you say and what you do?)

Pradhanji: Hum… dekhiye humne to modi ko vote dene ki bat nahi ki. Dekhiye notebandi se sabse jayada pareshani vyapari ko hua hai. (We… See, we did not say that we are going to vote for Modi. You see, the one who has suffered the most due to demonetization is the businessmen.)

Mrs. Shukla and Mrs. Mishra: Note bandi to hua… thodi pareshani to hui… lekin ab jayada pareshani nahi hai. (Demonetisation did happen…there was a small difficulty as well…but now, there is no big problem.)

Mr. Dwivedi: Lekin sabse jayada vote vyapari hi modi ko denge… (But it is the business class that will massively vote for Modi.)

Pradhanji: Arey, jitne bhi kisan ka KCC abhi bana kya wo BJP ko vote nahi denge?... sab denge… sab BJP ko vote denge…aisa jatiya aur dharmik samikaran banega ki sab vote denge..apne-apne candidate ko vote de denge…ye nahi sochenge ki kyun de aur kisko de ye sab mudda nahi hai… (See, will the farmers who recently got KCC not vote for BJP? All shall give the vote…all shall give the vote to BJP… Such an equation of caste and religion will emerge that majority will vote…all shall vote for their own candidates…without being bothered of why and who shall we vote for, these are no issues at all.) 

Mr. Dwivedi: Kitne voter aise hain jinhe pate nahi hai kisko vote dena hai… karib 25-30% voter dekha jinko pata hi nahi kisko vote dena hai… (There are so many voters who do not know whom should they cast their vote….Have seen around 25-30% voters who do not know whom should they vote for…) 

Pradhanji: Aaj dekhiye.. Nishad ka vote Mayawati ko jata tha.. abhi sanjayji Nishad party se uthe hain… ab sare nishado ka vote sanjayji ke sath hai… Nishad chahe kisi ko bhi vote de sakte hai… unka na koi mudda hai, na koi karan. (See today…. Nishads vote for Mayawati…Sanjayji is a candidate of Nishad party…Now all the Nishads shall vote for Sanjayj.i..Nishads could have voted for anyone…They do not have any issue and reason.)

Mr. Dwivedi: Abhi karib 5 sal lagenge jab janata soch kar vote karegi… ki kyun vote karna hai… chije badal rahi hai… badlaw ayega.. (It shall take at least 5 years when the people shall vote judiciously… they shall ponder over why should they cast a vote… things are changing… there shall be a change…)

Sanjeev: Log Nirdaliya candidate ke bare me kya sochte hai (What do people think about the independent candidates?)

Pradhanji: Han hote hai, aur kuch jitate bhi hai….(Yes, there are also there and some of them win as well…)

Mr. Dwivedi: Dekhiye nirdaliye ke bare me ye hai ki log usko achchha mante to hain… lekin jo jeet raha hota hai use hi vote karte hain. (See, people feel good about the independent candidates… but they cast their votes to that candidate who has the potential to win.)

Roar Over the Issue of Demonetization

Pradhanji: Jis bachche ki tabiyat kharab thi kya uski dawa nahi hui hai? (Has there no treatment been given to the kid who was unwell?)

Mr. Shukla: Hui hai.. sab jinda hai. (Yes, it was given…all are alive.)

Pradhanji: Bach to gaya lekin kaise…. Aur uska kya jo mar gaya? (That has been saved but how…And what about those who died?)

Mr. Shukla: Bach gaya na…. apke pas gaya.. uska aap madad kiye….(He did get saved…he came to helped him…)

Pradhanji: Thik hai bach gaya… lekin madad se bacha… lekin apna paisawa to nahi na paya. (It is ok that he was saved…but he was saved because of the help…but he did not get his own money.)

Mr. Shukla: To, 50 din ka time manga tha na? (So what, hadn’t the government asked for 50 days?)

Pradhanji: 50 din ka time… jiska bachcha bimar hai wo 50 din wait karega…? Aaj bhi hamare yahan kshetriya banko ka yahi hal hai kahi nahi hai paisa (50 days’ time...!! Will the person whose kid is unwell wait for 50 days…? Even today, our regional banks are in such poor state that they do not have enough money to lend.)  

Mr. Dwivedi: kahi nahi hai paisa? Aap galat bol rahe hain (Don’t they have money? You are lying.)

Pradhanji: Ta chaliye aap sahi bol rahe hain to...(Ok, I assume you are saying the right thing….)

Mrs. Shukla: Ab utna jade samasya nahi hai. (Now, there is not that much problem.)

Pradhanji: Ab…ab.. normal hua hai thoda…(Now...Now…the condition has become little normal.)

Mr. Dwivedi, Mrs. Shukla and Mr. Shukla: Pakistan… army… ab kam hua hai samsya…. Thoda kam hua hai…. Atankwad kam hua hai…….(a commotion erupted) (Pakistan…Army..Now, the tension has been reduced... Terrorism has been controlled.)

Pradhanji: Are aap ko dukh nahi hua to kya… kisi ko nahi hua…(So, if you have not been affected then does that mean nobody has been affected?)

Mr. Dwivedi: Are notebandi se kisko fayda hua hai? (Who was benefitted by the demonetization?)

Pradhanji: Aap chunav ladenge to panchayat ke sadsya bhi na ban payenge… hum 5 bar pradhan rahe hai,, (If you will contest in elections, then you will not even become a member of Panchayat…I have been a Pradhan for five times.)

Mr. Shukla: Haan aap Pradhan rahe hain,, isliye log aate the..(Yes, you have been a Pradhan and that is why people have been approaching you.)

Pradhanji: Log kahte the.. note dila dijiye.. paisa nahi hai… bagairah…bagairah..ab ye batiye ki hamari pahuch hai.. hum saksham hai.. to kya hamare sath 10 log hain wo bhi sakshm hain… nahi na (People used to ask to get the money transacted…we have no money..etc etc…Now tell me, if I have a  strong networking and am capable, then does that mean that 10 people related to me are also capable… no.)

Mr. Shukla: Pradahnji aap saksham the isliye log aye na… (Pradhanji, since you were capable that is why people came to you. Right?..)

Pradhanji: Hum bachaye… pratishta bachaye… lekin log pareshan to huye na.. (I saved…I saved their prestige… but the people did get troubled…)

Mr. Dwivedi: Aap bataiye… apne kya kiya logo ke liye (You tell…What did you do for the people?)

Pradhanji: Hum seva kiye… bachahye logo ko (I did service to the people..I saved them.)

Mr. Shukla: Aap sochiye ki pradhan ke chunav ke liye aap kitna pareshan huye honge… to sochiye ye notebandi to desh ke liye hua tha… log kitna pareshan huye honge…(You think for yourself, you would have faced so many problems during the election of the Panchayat head….then, this demonetization has been for the benefit of the entire nation..People must have been troubled.)

Pradhanji: Achchha thik hai… ye to mante hain ki pareshani hui hai…. (Ok fine… so, you do agree that people were troubled...)

Mr. Shukla, Mr. Dwivedi: Haan, haan thik hai… lekin sena ka sochiye… wo kitna dikkat me rahte hain… (Yes, yes…it is alright… But think about the army….they live in such harsh conditions.)

Pradhanji: Achchha thik hai… suniye… suniye.. app sena ka baat kiye to … jawab bhi sun lijiye… aaj ka paper padhe hain?... aaj ka paper padhiye… wo jo delhi me hua hai, jisme sena ki beti … kya naam hai (Ok fine…listen...listen…when you discussed army…so listen to the response on that…did you read today’s newspaper? Read today’s newspaper…about what happened in Delhi, in which the daughter of the army man…What’s her name?)

Raushan: Gurmehar

Pradhanji: Haan wo Gurmehar… kya boli hai wo? Ki uska pita kargil me sahid hua… lekin aaj tak I-card nahi mila unko… ab bataiye kyun? (Yes, that Gurmehar…What did she say? Her father was a martyr in Kargil war…but till date, she did not get an I-card…Now tell me, why?)

Mr. Shukla, Mrs. Shukla, Mr. Dwivedi: Unko daudna chaiye I-card ke liye……are sabse jayda notebandi se kejriwal ko, Sonia Gandhi ko aur Mulayam ko dikkat hui…. Aur kisi ko nahi hui dikkat…. (Too much quarrel..)

(She should run for the I-card if she wants…Kejriwal, Sonia Gandhi and Mulayam were troubled the most owing to demonetization…no one else was troubled…)


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